“No one’s going to stop us in parkour, neither Al-Qaeda nor Taliban.” This is only one of the many disarming statements we have heard from young people. This particular one was uttered by the boys dedicated to parkour in Kabul, Afghanistan, in the shattered Darul Aman Palace.
That’s why we call it One Blood. We want to show that even in the countries traditionally associated with war and social problems, be it Afghanistan, Iraq, the Gaza Strip or Uganda, young people live who go against the stream. They don’t want to wage wars. They don’t want to accept the way poor people live. How corrupted the local politicians are. They want to point it out. But they don’t use weapon or violence for their tools – they do it through street art or sport. They want to do things that make sense in their eyes. Something they discovered for themselves in the western culture, regardless of their environs. By themselves, without any outside pressure. Be it rap, box, breakdance, parkour or skateboarding, they aren’t just hobbies. They are statements. We believe this young generation deserves respect – and we try to show it by being interested in them. We tell the world about them, we go to see them, make films about them, write about them and connect them with similarly minded people from around the world.

Andrej Štuk

Along with Jarmila Štuková Kovaříková, he creates documentaries and reports about social issues, from gypsy villages in Slovakia and child labour in Ethiopia to the life of the poor in Cambodia. Recently, he has been fully involved with the exploration of the third world street art. When travelling together, he operates the first camera.


A recognized photographer. She focuses on the ordinary life of people in the developing countries, as well as on social issues. She cooperates with the Czech and foreign media and non-for-profit organizations. She travelled China, India or the countries of Africa. A collection of her photos of an Ethiopian volcano was awarded by the Czech Press Photo Award in 2009 and a year later, she also won the prize of the viewers in the same contest with her photos from the earthquake-affected Haiti. During joint projects, she handles, in addition to the photo camera, the second film camera.