One Blood is a project dedicated to help young talented people in countries where to be creative isn’t easy. It aims to find young talents in countries and areas you would not expect. We want to show that even in countries associated with war or poverty, there are people who think in a similar way, with a similar ambition to create like we have in our western world. Thanks to the One Blood Project, these people can show and develop their skills, be it music, sport, dance or art.


It searches for talents in countries where their love of art or sport helps them survive the challenging social and/or political circumstances. One Blood follows the artist or athlete in his/her home country, with all the problems he/she has to face. Through a documentary film, articles and photos, it brings evidence of his/her life, work and the situation in the country.


Through short documentaries, lectures, photos and articles about these talented people, we introduce these people not only to the Czech communities but also to the global ones which are active in similar areas. Whenever this is possible, we invite the artist or athlete to our country and introduce him/her to people who think alike, as well as to the people who have misperceptions about the countries where these artists/athletes come from or they want to find out more.

We have organized a successful charitable event in the Prague Chapeau Rouge Club in November, 2012. We used the earnings from the entrance fee to improve the rehearsal room of the break-dancers in the Gaza Strip and for the airfare and the visit of Mc Burney to the Czech Republic. In addition to performing in several clubs, he performed along with Prago Union at the prestigious Hip Hop Kemp festival. We organized the backstage entry for him, so that he could meet up with his favourite rappers.

In March, 2014, we organized a One Blood Night event in the Prague’s NoD experimental club. The multicultural evening presented the paintings by Honza Mika reflecting on his trip to Iraq to see the graffiti artist Bahman. Documentary photos mapping all the four countries and their young talents were also exhibited. The recognized Teatr Novogo Fronta theatre company staged the premiere of a play inspired by the One Blood concept. The true filler was the short exhibition match between the Cambodian boxer Tharoth with Eva Líšková in a ring placed right on the stage. We have then organized a week’s professional training and match for Tharot in Prague.